As the founder of Posture Guru, Mina takes immense pride in driving body awareness, improving efficiency, quality, and practicality.

She helps her clients understand the power of their breath and how to breath better, to look and feel better. 

Training with Mina Doulabi provides an opportunity to develop an enhanced internal understanding of one's body- something invaluable and certainly worth your time and effort. 

Mina's Education

• Certified Massage Therapist

• Paul Chek Holistic Life Coach

• Paul Chek Exercise Coach

• USA- W 1 Sports Performance Coach

• ACE Certified Personal Trainer

• Pre/Post Natal 

• TRX R.I.P. and Suspension 

• Active ReleaseTechnique / Trigger Point Therapy 

• Nasm FNS Fitness Nutrition Specialist

• Functional Movement Systems L2

• Schwinn Cycling Instructor