Ergo-Body ™ ensures postural integrity, breath and movement that arises from the inside out.  

Mina works to not just to make the right assessment of your current fitness level, she delves into the body by using minute measurements to assess your biomechanics and the overall integrity and mobility of their movement. Most trainers don't spend nearly as much time concentrating on this critical area-but for the Posture Guru-this is where true, Ergo-Body  lives and  breathes.

This may sound more complicated than it is.  Basically we all want results--we can want to look good.  But fitness, Ergo-Body  fitness is superior to just "looking good" in every way imaginable.  Clients quickly rediscover how to activate their internal fitness and activate the body with more fluidity and composure. Ergo-Body  methods ensure improved posture, superior flexibility  and directly increases overall mobility and joint health. 

Not your average results, from not your average trainer.