Ergo-Office ™ 

Mina also offer corporate and group rates for a one-of-a-kind service for not only realigning and organizing your life--she can do the same for your office and home. 

Ergo-Office ™ visits consist of:

Prescribing specific stretches, exercises and positions designed to bring employees body back  into proper alignment, helping with efficiency, energy level, and pain elimination.

During Ergo-Office ™ visitation, Mina assesses each staff member’s range of motion, office functionality, and identifies potential sources of non-ergonomic stress.

Mina's assessment and recommendations impact the immediate work environment and functionally assist workers in realigning:

     • Entire skeletal structure

     • Muscular imbalances

     • Body compensations

     • Abnormal wear and tear, which results in joint degeneration and pain

     • Poor postural systemic responses including cardiovascular, digestive, and respiratory affects

     • A systematic analysis of the eight load-beraing joints of the body (shoulder girdle, hips, knees, and ankles)