Posture Guru Mina Doulabi imparts something beyond a chiseled physique, olympian resistance or marathon endurance-levels.  

Mina has developed three unique offerings to ensuring different kinds of clients a pain-free healthy life.

Mina's clients learn to inhabit their own bodies on their own terms--something she refers to as Integral Fitness ™. 

Integral fitness  is comprised of three practices: Ergo-body ™, Ergo-Rehab™, and Ergo-office™.

Integral and Ergonomic health are not achieved though normative training methods or harsh, disjointed and poorly instructed techniques that are all the rage right now.  Integral fitness protects the individual's joints, corrects for pelvic and spinal curvature and improves overall physical appearance. Mina's clients learn the the "how" of integral movement and still achieve the "wow" of aesthetics-the very best of both worlds.